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Jackass Hill 2002 Muscat from Martinelli

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     We bought this wine from the Martinelli Vineyard in California.  We were on our most wonderful honeymoon in 2004 and enjoying all that the wine country has to offer.  We brought or shipped several bottles home from the various wineries we visited, and over the years we’ve pulled them out, one by one, for special occasions.   This was the LAST one!  It’s amazing we were able to keep from drinking it for so long!

As you already know, we had a lovely brunch Easter morning.  With a beautiful and fresh setting and soft jazz in the background, we both decided this was the perfect time to break open this little love-drop.  ☺

It was just as wonderful as we remembered.  Golden, thick and sweet–almost syrup-y the first couple of sips; but a perfect companion to dessert.  And with almost 17% alcohol level, after a few sips nothing really mattered any more!  ha!  The best description of this one is = muscadine.  Very fruity and once we could identify which fruit was most prevalent, it was muscadine.

Very enjoyable, indeed!  (MORE)

Vegetable Garden: Day 16

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It was a great weekend, but an exhausting one!  We finally finished our privacy fence–100%!   Cleaned, repaired, (in some cases) built, stained and sealed.  DONE!  (Spice-hubby is the best b/c he pretty much did everything all by himself.  I only helped a little.)

 We’ve been working on this fence for about the last 5 weekends.  Evening most evenings for the past week our time has been consumed with trying to get this bad boy finished.  But now, sitting on my back porch, sipping a delightful cab, staring out at this beautiful sight…..ahhhh, it was worth it.

Of course, I’m so tired I can hardly even think about what’s for dinner.  But no matter…. this view is spectacular.  Like being on vacation… Really.